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3 PhD positions - solid-state NMR on photosynthetic proteins

PhD positions are available at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry,
>Leiden University, The Netherlands, see below: 3 PhD positions in
>biophysics/NMR spectroscopy In a project financed by a VIDI grant  ˜In
>shape for photoregulation  of the Netherlands Organization of
>Scientific Research, awarded to Dr. Anjali Pandit, the researchers will
>study the molecular plasticity of photosynthetic proteins in response
>to light stress by means of solid-state NMR. In the photosynthetic
>light-harvesting antenna, pigment-protein assemblies switch function
>between light energy transfer and energy dissipation to prevent
>photodamage under excess light conditions. Open questions are how the
>protein folds control different photophysical functions and how the
>molecular switch is activated in the membrane. This research is
>relevant for optimizing photosynthetic production of biomass and
>biofuels. Job description Light-harvesting proteins will be isolated
>from isotope-enriched photosynthetic green algae. The PhD researchers
>will apply a combination of isotope labeling techniques and solid-state
>NMR pulse schemes to identify protein and pigment sites of interest. In
>parallel, methods will be developed for protein reconstitution in
>proteoliposomes and lipid nanodiscs and for in-situ spectroscopy on
>native photosynthetic membranes. The team will be hosted in the Leiden
>Institute of Chemistry where research is organized around two major
>themes:  ˜Chemical Biology  and  ˜Theory and Spectroscopy for
>Sustainable Energy . The group is part of the latter cluster and the
>various research topics carried out within the two themes are ideal for
>executing interdisciplinary research. Requirements You hold an MSc
>degree in (bio)physics or (bio)chemistry with excellent grades and have
>a genuine interest to perform research on the intersection between
>physics, chemistry and biology. As the research will be carried out in
>an international and interdisciplinary environment, other requirements
>are excellent communication skills and good skills in written and
>spoken English. You will publish the results in international
>peer-reviewed journals and conclude the project with a doctoral thesis.
>Conditions of employment Appointment will be according to the terms of
>the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO Nederlandse
>Universiteiten), for a period of one year with an extension of three
>years after positive evaluation of capabilities and compatibility. The
>gross monthly salary is set on € 2.042,- in the first year up to €
>2.612,- in year four. An appointment with Leiden University includes a
>pension build-up and facilitates other benefits such as an annual
>holiday premium of 8% and an end-of-year premium of 8.3%. Motivated
>candidates should send their application including CV, motivation letter and names+contact details of at least 2 references to Dr. Anjali Pandit: a.pandit@chem.leidenuniv.nl .
>More information can be found at the website

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