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Scholarships for graduates from Central-, Eastern- and South. Europe

The Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST) is a cooperative institution of all Bavarian universities, universities of applied sciences and art academies. They provide information about research cooperation, coordinate academic relations with Eastern Europe and support academic exchanges between students and scientists. We strive to promote and intensify cooperation in research and teaching with universities in Eastern Europe and to establish new contacts with potential partners.

Sound special knowledge, ability to work in an interdisciplinary way and international experience are the main requirements for a European university graduate of today. The Free State of Bavaria sponsors one year scholarships for graduates from Eastern Europe. Postgraduate and doctoral studies are sponsored. The Bavarian Ministry for Science, Research and Art will sponsor scholarships for the academic year 2013/14.

The scholarships are given to students from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and graduates from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine are eligible to apply. A certificate stating that candidate is proficient in English will be sufficient, if he/she participates in a course of studies taught in English. As an applicant for a one year scholarship by the Free State of Bavaria you need to:

• have the nationality of one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia or the Ukraine.
• be living full-time in your home country at the time of application.
• be no older than 30 in the first year of your scholarship (i.e. on the 1.10.2013).
• be needy, meaning that you are not able to finance your studies at a Bavarian university yourself, nor through the funds of a third party (for example through a scholarship from another institution).
provide evidence of your German language skills, which should be at a level that you can master seminars and accordingly academic papers in German without difficulty. Note: when researching at an institute, where the working language is English, it is sufficient to send evidence of your English language skills. In addition, your supervisor at the Bavarian university has to confirm that your English language skills are sufficient for the planned research project. The same goes for study programs conducted in English.
• be able to give evidence at the time of application that you have achieved/ or will achieve a distinctively above-average university degree.
• be matriculated in a Master- or PhD-program at a Bavarian University of your choice during the period of your granted scholarship

The scholarships are meant to finance doctoral or postgraduate studies at Bavarian universities. One year scholarships can be extended twice for up to 3 years. The scholarship is paid out monthly (700 €) and amounts to 8400 € per year. Students with children or an unemployed partner and at least one child receive 860 € per month, which amounts to 10320 € per year.

List of documents needed in the application form:

1. an online application form that is filled-in completely (it is not needed to send a printed version of the online application form by post)
2. a letter of motivation (1-2 DIN A4 pages)
3. proof of your German skills through an authenticated copy (this is not necessary, if your studies will be conducted in English)
4. an authenticated copy along with an authenticated German or English translation of your university diploma In case you will not finish your studies until July 2013, please add confirmation from your university that you are registered for the final exams and that you are expected to graduate successfully by 31st July 2013. Further, please include an overview of your previous grades (I.e. university transcript)
5. proof of nationality (copy of your passport or identity card)
6. Letter of endorsement (“Betreuungszusage”) from a Professor (or alternatively from the course coordinator of a Masters-program) of a Bavarian university or academy. A letter of endorsement is an informal letter in which a Bavarian professor confirms that he will supervise you (i. e. your dissertation or academic work). The letter has to be signed and written on the official paper of the department. Sending the signed letter as a scanned attachment by email is possible. Should you encounter difficulties getting a letter of endorsement please contact us immediately via doeppe@bayhost.de or info@bayhost.de
7. a tabular CV in German with a recent passport photo a possible model format can be found here.
8.For postgraduate dissertations: a two-page outline and time schedule of your entire research project.

9.Marriage certificate, birth certificate of the child (only in case you are applying for a family allowance) both as an authenticated copy and authenticated German (or English) translation.
For further information go here or here. If you have further questions read FAQs.

D.   Time frame: selection of scholarships for the academic year 2013/2014
deadline for first time applications (date of receipt!) -  1st December 2012
first inspection and evaluation of the applications -  December – March 2013
expert committee meetings -  April – May 2013
dispatch of notification letters to the selected candidates - May 2013
regular application deadline at Bavarian universities
(Please note varying deadlines of certain masters programs!)
15th June (HS) /15th July (Uni)
start of the scholarship program - 1st October 2013

www.uni-r.de/bayhost/english/scholarshi … n-bavaria/

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